Tuesday, June 15, 2021

MBBASchool Of Culture

Restoring the glory of Africa especially in the African Diaspora requires the combined efforts of all Afro people. My beautiful Black Ancestry (MBBA GLOBAL) is committed to enhancing Africa beyond borders as well as building a virtual bridge across the Atlantic Ocean to connect all the people of African Diaspora to the motherland. The MBBA School of Culture is an arm of the MBBA GLOBAL Company that is concerned with propagating and exporting various aspects of the African Culture.


Crafts and Arts are an integral part of the African culture. Communities in Africa embed their history and cultural systems in their Arts and their Crafts. The MBBA School of Culture offers Online and Offline classes on African arts and crafts by experienced African craft tutors, artists and craftsmen.

Online & Offline Tutoring Of African Languages

MBBA School of culture offers intensive but fun classes on different African languages.

Online & Offline Tutorial Of Multicultural Afrocuisines

MBBA School of culture offers encompassing classes on different afro cuisines even from the Caribbean.