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Mind blowing Pictures Of African Girls With Killer Buttocks And Curves, No Surgical Enhancement Needed.

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Africa is the home of all curviness. One of the attributes of African women is the ability to be endowed with humongous backsides. When the colonizers visited Africa, they could not believe that women have be endowed with so much buttocks, that they had to use a Khoikhoi woman as a public spectacle as they studied her body.

Natural Curves Endowment

When you visit Africa, you would be marveled at the natural endowment possessed by atleast 90% of the women. Countries like South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Liberia, are popular for highly endowed and curvy women.

The killer buttocks of African women have held the modern world to ransom. As a result, butt enlargement creams and surgeries are fast becoming a huge trend.

In villages and rural areas, in several countries in Africa, young women exist with natural Big buttocks and breasts.

African ladies buttocks
Several research, have shown that, the percentage of men from all races that are attracted to curves and buttocks, are way higher than the percentage of men who are neutral or prefer straight shaped women.

In this article, we would be showing you, different photos that prove that, indeed African Women and women of African descent, are naturally endowed with killer curves and buttocks and do not need surgical enhancements.

Killer Curves And Buttocks

Killer buttocks
Although, she is fully clothed. This Queen got her curves popping on every side. Necks are surely going to turn wherever she walks past.


African melanin killer buttocks

Dripping in glowing melanin and well rounded buttocks, this Afro Queen is a sight for sore eyes.


There is definitely no way, any one could ignore this curvy goddess when she walks past! Looks at those curves! A slim waist and wide hips, is the dream body of a lot of women.


Queen showed off her melanin and curves, accentuated with waist beads.

Killer curves and buttocks

Sis didn’t come to play! She is letting you all know that she got it, and she would flaunt it!



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Showing off her wife material skills, Afro culture and killer banging body!


Killer buttocks

We cannot get enough of this killer curves! Her ancestors blessed her!


These curves, can make anybody lose their minds. Hide your man from her?

Well toned and defined melanin goddess. Flaunt it sis!

Killer buttocks
She knows Mother Nature endowed her with all these killer curves.

She is so proud of her body?


It cannot get more natural than this. This buttocks are showing you their natural intimidating terrain.

Sis came prepared, front and back.

You cannot ignore this! Fully covered, yet intimidating.

Killer buttocks

Curves that make statements.


From the above photos, we shall list out a couple of observations about These women.

  • Style; Afro women are stylish. You can see the style oozing out of each photo.
  • Sex Appeal; if you got turned on by those photos, you are not to be blamed. Afro women are the symbols of sex appeal, just like their black male counterparts.
  • Beauty; With or without makeup, Afro women are beautiful. These photos are proofs.

    Benefits Of Big Buttocks

Big Buttocks Have no disadvantage. Butt fat is healthy and helps your back. But you have to be ready to enjoy the attention that comes with your curves.

Killer buttocks However, as a woman with an endowed behind, you need to be cautious of men who come around you. They may just want to have a feel of your body. So, do not let any man come around you, just for the sake of your body.

Big Buttocks Breed Smarter kids. Because, Butt and thigh fat stores special omega-3 fatty acids. Some scientists believe that when you breastfeed, your body taps those stores to enhance your breast milk. Because babies need this particular kind of fat for brain, nervous system, and eye development, some biologists think that a bigger butt could translate to brighter kids.

Curves promote better posture and make pregnancy a bit easier. A lady with big buttocks is regarded as more biological attractive and fertile.

African women buttocks

Big Buttocks makes you less likely to have dangerous cholesterol levels. When researchers looked into butt fat (measured by thigh or hip circumference), they linked it to healthier cholesterol levels, which mean a lower risk of chronic illness down the line. As a result, Women with bigger butts and smaller waists tend to have higher levels of HDL cholesterol (the good kind that helps keep your arteries clear) and lower levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad kind that blocks arteries).

A big butt is a built-in cushion! You seriously don’t want to fall on a flat butt: Gruesome bruising aside, you could end up with a stress fracture in your sit or pelvic bones, Dr. Peeke says. But a big butt can pad the blow so you can get right back on your feet.


Your buttocks and curves do not have to be extra pronounced. As an Afro woman, you are more often than not, endowed with fleshy backsides. While your butt size is largely determined by genetics, which dictate where you store fat, there are plenty of reasons to adore every inch of whatever your momma gave you.

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