Wednesday, December 1, 2021


My Beautiful Black Ancestry Global also known as MBBA GLOBAL is a society and culture Website that is owned by mother Company MyAncestry llc, a United States based company. MBBA GLOBAL is an Online platform that is aimed at Being the Global Black powerhouse for people of African Descent globally, A platform built to Enlighten, Entertain, Educate, inform and most importantly promote the positives of all people of Black/Afro race, through News and Media, Journalism, Black weddings, Black Fashion and style, Travels and tours, TV, Community Services and initiatives to help black communities grow stronger and better together Globally. paying homage to all Black nations, cultures and traditions from all over the world. In an effort to focus on promoting our Global Black community, Mbba Global upholds it's goals of promoting black businesses, creations, innovations, talents and achievements.

Inspired by the history of slavery and its traumatic negative effects and impacts on the image of the black race and the general worldview, we recognize the physical and psychological damages of the negative portrayals and depictions of the Mainstream Media on people of color especially on the Afro race, and it’s resulting implications.

We also understand the challenges and struggles people of the Afro race are faced with globally in their daily lives and activities, the constant desire to be accepted and respected and not judged by other racial groups. We believe and know that black history has been written and rewritten and white washed severally; with people having varying views, stories and versions of black history. We emphasize the fact that black history did not begin with slavery but rather was interrupted and disrupted by slavery. All Life began from Africa as free citizens of their lands, beautiful, strong, cultural, creative and innovative people.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to unite black communities from all over the world by bringing together black people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, countries and cultures through our online community. We aim to Educate people about the original beautiful black heritage, culture and traditions, and to HELP our brothers and sisters whose ancestors were stripped off their rights and identities, to learn about their culture, tradition and true identity that were white washed and deleted during the times of slavery by the slave owners. We join them in their quest and journey to unlock and discover the mystery of their ancestral roots, reconnect and reclaim their rights to their roots, walking with them through the journey; every step of the way. We walk hand in hand with our online Afro community journeying with them to recover their rights and re-identify themselves which includes all processes of reconnecting and reclaiming the rights to their country of ancestry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge the gap that exists between black people globally, rebuilding a positive image for the black race by showcasing black beauty in every form. We are determined to bring back love, peace and unity amongst all people and descendants of the Afro race and help them get back what has been long lost through the evils of slavery and Negative Media propaganda.