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34 Years After his Assassination, Trial of Burkina Faso’s Revolutionary Leader, Thomas Sankara Begins!

34 years after Thomas Sankara’s assassination, the trial of 14 men linked to his death has begun. Among those to be tried is his close confidant and former president, Blaise Compaore. Sankara was assassinated four years after taking office as Burkina Faso’s president in 1983.

After his killing, his right hand man, Blaise Compaore took over as Burkina Faso’s president. Blaise ruled Burkina Faso for almost three decades before he was overthrown through a coup in 2014. The former president then flew and sought citizenship in the neighboring country Ivory Coast. 

Despite being the main defendant in the case, Blaise has confirmed through his lawyers that he won’t be attending the trial. His lawyers claimed that the former head of state has never received any summons to be questioned or any formal accusation. They also claimed that their client has “immunity as a former head of state”.  The court has however maintained that it will continue with the hearing and Blaise will be tried in absentia. 

Sankara’s to Accomplishments

Sankara is remembered as one of the greatest icons in Africa. Within his short tenure as Burkina Faso’s president, Sankara was able to do remarkable things that have played a key role in this country’s development. He for instance renamed the country, Burkina Faso to mean “the land of honest men”, banned female genital mutilation, forced marriages and polygamy. 


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