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36 Year-Old Black Mother Loses her Life from a Gunshot Fired by her Neighbor as he was ‘Cleaning the Weapon’

On September 25th, Carlether Foley had gone to bed hoping to wake up relaxed and energized for the next day. However this did not happen as the young mother met her death while sleeping. Her son would later discover her body lying lifelessly in the apartment.  According to the police, Carlether died from a neighbor’s revolver that mistakenly went off as he was cleaning it.

Her neighbor, Maxwell Williamson informed the police that he had forgotten that the weapon was loaded and that it was unintentionally discharged as he was cleaning it. He has since been arrested and is being jailed without bond. 

After the incident, Maxwell left Carlether a note promising to pay for the damage caused as he left for work. Carlether has left behind a seventeen year old son who is in his senior year in high school. Carlether’s son, Keyandre Foley has since moved to Texas to live with his grandmother, Jacquline Foley. Keyandre had this to say about his mother’s death, “It doesn’t feel real to me. By myself, I found my mama. I’m just not getting it. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. She isn’t a nuisance to anyone. My mother did nothing.”

In other news, Carlether’s family has set up a Go Fund Me campaign seeking support to offset her burial and take care of her family and son’s school fees. 

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