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A Christmas to remember as Nigerian Artist, Fireboy’s ‘Peru’ displaces Mariah Carey’s ‘Xmas’ hit Song to top UK Apple Chart.

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It came as a surprise to everyone as Nigerian Artist, Fireboy’s ‘Peru’ remix featuring British artist Ed Sheeran rose up to displace Mariah Carey’s “all I want for Christmas.”

Carey’s ‘Christmas tone’, released in 2011 has earned the top spot for most Christmas seasons, until this one. According to Apple Music Top 25, ‘Peru’ led the wave, seconded by the legendary Christmas anthem.

Released on December 24, ‘Peru’ remix attracted massive appeal, on social media and other internet platforms till date. Not only that, the remix generated over 7 million views, four days after the video was released on YouTube. What’s most spectacular about the song is the collaboration between Fireboy and Ed Sheeran, and the latter’s flawless contribution to the track. 

Though featured, Ed Sheeran got as much praise as the song itself. Fans got excited and commended Ed for his upbeat pidgin and mastery of Yoruba lines. To some, though as a joke, he elbowed Fireboy out of his song, judging the fact that he sounded so natural on the track. 

Before its eventual release, Ed Sheeran revealed how much of a fan he was of ‘Peru’ and how he repeatedly listened to the song for a week. “It’s addictive, and I’m obsessed with it.” I mean, Cherry will tell you I’ve had this song on repeat constantly in the house for the last week,” the Grammy winner revealed. 

“San Francisco jammin.” “Flew in from Miami.” Peru is the only song on the top five hits that is not a Christmas track.  Not only that, Fireboy is the only African artist among the likes of Sir Elton John and Mariah Carey on the top five. 

In Recent times, the popular Nigerian Afrobeats genre of music has gained recognition globally, with tv and radio channels constantly playing Afrobeats songs in most states in the United states, UK and other foreign countries. the reign of top Nigerian artists like wizkid’s Essence and burna boy’s songs topping charts in foreign countries shows global acceptance of the afrobeats genre and its obvious takeover. it is no surprise that Nigerian artists have Sky rocketted to top demand and are in their regime of glory as they take on the world’s music industry

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