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Africa Is The Top Global Tourism Hotspot.

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There is no beauty that you seek, that you cannot find in Africa as a continent. From Wildlife, To greenery, architecture, Humanity, Food, excitement, fun, natural sceneries, nightlife, music; Every thing is in Africa. Africa’s Tourism capacities accommodates all.

Africa tourism

little wonder, America’s Top Female Rapper, Cardi B, could not help but exclaim that she misses Nigeria after her first and only visit to the continent of Africa.

67 million tourists visited Africa in 2018 according to Jumia travels. Boosting the Tourism ranking of the continent.

Are you making plans for your next vacation? The continent of Africa is ready to receive you. Africans are homely, warm, welcoming and friendly as it is an inbuilt culture in Africa to honor and respect visitors.

From Zanzibar Island to the hot night spots in Nairobi, there are various wonderful locations in different countries in Africa.

Historic vestiges such as the Egyptian pyramids, the rock churches of Ethiopia, the South African Robben Island Prison where Nelson Mandela stayed for 27 years, or the island of Gorée in Senegal, a symbol of the memory of the slave trade in Africa, as well as safari parks and other grandiose landscapes (Victoria Falls, Sahara desert) are all assets that make the African continent an increasingly coveted tourist destination.

African tourism
South Africa

In addition, many initiatives have been launched in recent years to encourage more tourists to visit the continent. This includes progress in visa facilitation and regional cooperation with the introduction of e-visas and single visas. A single visa is sufficient for all member-countries of the Southern African Development Community, for example.

African tourism

“Tourism in Africa has grown since the last decade of the twentieth century. The rate of arrivals is in rise thanks to the natural characteristics of the continent and the “virginity” of its regions, making it a destination of many types of tourism. Africa is a great destination of  safari and wildlife tourism where tourists can watch animal species in their natural habitats and experience a unique excitement that can only be found in Africa. The continent welcomes, also, a great number of sports trips because of the rough terrain and diversity of climate in addition to the density of its water network (falls, rivers, and lakes). Africa is also a destination for historical tourism where there is a rich history and memories of the primitive life,” —Moroccan Professor and expert in Tourism Explains.

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