Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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African Unconventional Epic Wedding

Most people see marriage as a eternal trap where you are attached to one person for the rest of you life, others see marriage as a wonderful union with the person they will wake up with and share precious moments with. This African Unconventional Epic Wedding between Chidiogo Akunyili and Andrew Parr will leave you falling in love.

Words from The Bride, On Saturday, as Andrew and I walked down the aisle, I was transported to our first walk together. It was a hot September Saturday afternoon in the desert of Nevada at the event of the festival known as Burning Man. That I was at the festival in itself is another testament. I was, as with so many miracles of my life. I seek a partnership with a strong man, mind, body and spirit. I seek a partnership with a man who will cherish, love and honour me and the life we build together, supporting each other through the journey with kindness, love, a smile and words that put difficulties in perspective.

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