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Benin is the Fastest Place in the World to Start a Company Online

Benin is one of the countries that made lemonades out of the lemons brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the restrictions that came with this pandemic the Benin government encouraged its entrepreneurs to operate online.

This led to the adoption of an online platform that enables entrepreneurs in Benin to create and register a business on their mobile phone and receive official incorporation within two hours. Since its invention the online system has received massive acceptance. According to the U.N Conference on Trade and Development Benin is the world’s fastest place to start a business today., the online platform allows people to create and formally start a business. This platform was launched by Benin’s Investment and Export Promotion Agency as a way to prevent people from visiting its offices during the pandemic.

The service is based on eRegistrations, a UN digital government platform that aims to make official procedures more accessible and transparent for small businesses. Currently, it’s operational in seven other developing countries i.e. Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Lesotho, Mali, Iraq and Cameroon. 

How to Create and Start a Business on the Platform

To operate a business on platform, one will first have to log in and fill in the required information. Next you will need to download the required document and make the needed payment online. 

After completing the registration process the documents are sent to the agency’s headquarters for verification. The agency then mails the successful applicants. To use this service, a business must be located in Benin. 


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