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Jamaica’s Tourism Minister says sector to create 41,000 new jobs by 2022

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Edmund Bartlett, the Jamaican Tourism Minister in a recent report said that his sector is expected to churn out about 41,000 jobs by 2022. He based his projection on the construction boom currently experienced by Jamaica.

According to his report, additional 18,157 hotel rooms will be constructed in the country. This number will require more employees since there is an estimate of 2.3 employees per room. He also promised that the Jamaican government is committed to training the country’s citizens to be able to take advantage of the expected boom.

Jamaican Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett (

Bartlett said the government was already partnering with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information. The aim of this partnership is to provide hospitality and tourism training in high schools and tertiary institutions. He also reiterated the job of the Jamaica Center of Tourism Innovation (JCTI). According to him, their job was to provide certification for all the tourism sector workers.

Already the sector in Jamaica directly employs above 117,000 Jamaican citizens, and indirect jobs for a close to another 250,000.

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