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#MbbaTastyThursday: Liberian Palm Butter Soup, A Thanksgiving Meal Idea

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We love to share recipes of various Afro multicultural cuisines, to celebrate the rich and delicious variety of food from the motherland and the motherland diaspora. This week on our Afro Cuisine recipe is called Liberian Palm Butter Soup. It is another #TastyThursday and we want you to savor a taste of Africa. You can search for the ingredients in African stores around you; or better still take a trip to Africa and give your tastebuds a treat.

Although the palm butter soup is a delicacy of the African ‘Kru’ tribe-the indigenous people of Liberia,  the meal has widespread throughout the country. Also known as Palm Oil Stew or Palm Nut Soup, people enjoy this dish in every county in Liberia. And since the people of Liberia have a variation of Thanksgiving celebration, for this Thanksgiving Thursday, you can try this out as a tribute to them. #MbbaTastyThursday: Liberian Palm Butter Soup, A Thanksgiving Meal Idea

Ingredients for Palm Butter Soup

  • 1 handful hot peppers
  • onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Rice
  • 4 handfuls palm nuts
  • Fish or your choice of meat
  • You can also purchase already made palm butter instead of making yours from the scratch.


    1. Boil palm nuts in pot of water for approx. 15 min until semi-soft.
    2. Mash hot peppers, garlic, & onions in mortar, or blender. Set aside.
    3. Parboil chopped fish with pepper/garlic/onion mash in water.
    4. Mash softened palm nuts with mortar. Place into a bowl.
    5. Rinse mortar with water and pour the now orange water into bowl of Palm mash. Press mash into a strainer to squeeze out any juice. Your bowl now has dark orange palm butter. Discard dried mash of fibers.
    6. Add palm butter to parboiled fish or meat. and pepper mash. Boil until soup reduces to desired thickness. Serve over freshly cooked rice.


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