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Meet Kendall Rae Johnson, Georgia’s Youngest Certified Farmer

Kendall Rae Johnson is a sure proof that age is just but a number. At the tender age of 6 years, Kendall is doing amazing things in the state of Georgia. She was recently recognized as the youngest certified farmer in the state of Georgia.

Kendall’s passion for farming was inspired by her great grandmother, Laura Williams. At around 4 years Kendall started to grow different vegetables ranging from carrots, okra, strawberries and zucchini. Today, the young girl has been able to start her own farming business, (aGROWKulture). She has also joined different farming organizations such as Georgia Farm Bureau and Georgia Grown. 

Kendall has also launched a monthly gardening club that offers a subscription food box. 

Kendall’s Future Plans

Kendall is taking advantage of her eligibility to apply for grants and scholarships to grow her farming business. She has so far managed to raise $85,000 that she wishes to use in educating other families and young people about farming. 

Kendall also has a GoFundMe page which she aims to use in soliciting funds to use in expanding her farming. 

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