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Renonwed Hollywood Veteran Actor, John Amos is back home in Liberia for Bicentennial 

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John Amos is one of the celebrities of the African-American descent that will be bracing this year’s Year of Return 2021 initiative in Liberia. The actor jetted into the country in the company of his son and daughter over the weekend.

Amos was born in December 27, 1939 in New Jersey to his parents John Amos Sr., and Annabelle P. Amos. He is well known for his role as James Evans, Sr., on the TV series Good Times. Amos is also an Emmy nominee for his role in the 1977 miniseries Roots. 

Amos has been a frequent visitor to Liberia which he terms as home since the 70s. Speaking to FrontPageAfrica on his return to Liberia for the Bicentennial celebration Amos noted that this was a special moment for him and for all the freed slaves that have been looking forward to this day. 

He noted, “I don’t know if I can accurately describe what it means to come home after being deprived of your history, after being deprived of everything that you love and you know and you’ve been told all your life that you have no country, you have no roots.”

What Is The Bicentennial And Year Of Return 2021 Initiative?

Bicentennial celebration is an event organized by the Liberia’s government to mark 200 years since freed slaves in United States of America decided to find a new home in Africa. The slaves settled in Providence Island in 1821. 26 years later this move led to the establishment of Liberia as a sovereign nation in 1847. 

Liberia’s government plans to use Bicentennial and the Year of Return initiative to reconnect the African-Americans to their home continent.

Amos is elated to be back home which he notes, “It’s hard for me to describe how grateful I am, I’m appreciative that God has seen it fit for me to come home once again… I’m so glad to be part of the celebration, to be able to see it-200 years of freedom, thank God.”

“I’m the first in my family to make it back to Africa-the very first one. All these generations of my family, I’m the first one to make it back and I intend to come back time and time again and to bring my children and grandchildren so that they’ll know they have a country where they have roots, where they have connections and people that love them for themselves,” the elated Amos continued to note. 

Amos will be joining other dignitaries of the African-American descent such as Michael Blackson and Naqueta Ricks attending the celebration. Liberians were elated to welcome Amos and the other African-Americans home. They flocked his social media pages with praises of how happy they were to have him back home.  


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