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Rusten Sheskey; The Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Will Not Face Civil Rights Charges!

On 8th October the Department of Justice announced that it will not be pressing charges against Rusten Sheskey due to lack of enough evidence. Sheskey had been accused of shooting Jacob Blake, a black man on August 23rd, 2020 leaving him paralyzed from waist down. 

The incident happened after the officers were called to intervene in a scene where two women had been fighting.  Blake happened to be at the scene and as he was trying to enter his car with his young children Sheskey shot him seven times. 

Asked why he shot the young man, Sheskey told authorities that he used excessive force as he thought Blake was trying to kidnap a child in his vehicle. The present children were Blake’s biological kids. Up to date Blake has not been able to work as the shooting left him paralysed. 

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