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The 21 School Going Children Abducted In Nigeria Rescued

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Twenty-one school-going children have been rescued in Nigeria hours after being abducted in the company of their teacher by armed groups. When the abduction happened, the children were moving from the Bakura area to an Islamic school in the neighboring Katsina state.

Confirming the news of the rescue, police spokesperson Mohammed Shehu said, “Security forces responded and rescued the 21 pupils and are currently working to rescue the remaining victims and apprehend the perpetrators”.

It’s not clear how many children are yet to be rescued, but the Nigerian authorities confirm they are working hard to save them and apprehend the perpetrators. As the abduction of the school-going children was going on, another group of armed men attacked villagers in Kaduna State, killing six of the villagers.

Insecurity and attacks from armed groups are becoming a worrying trend in Nigeria. This group of attackers mainly consists of young men from the Fulani ethnic tribe who constantly fight over water and grazing land.

The men move in groups of 150 people targeting the Hausa community they conflict with for grazing land and water. Nigeria’s senior official Edward Gabkwet has promised to restore peace by going after the attackers one at a time. 


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