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Twitch sues two users for hate raids a day after the marginalized streamers boycotted using the platform

On Thursday Twitch filled a legal complaint against two of it’s users. The two are accused of flooding the platform with racist, sexist, and homophobic language and content. The legal lawsuit comes after a month of attacks on the platform from harassers using fake accounts and bots to spam streamers chats with hate speech.

The two users referred to in the suit as CruzzControl and CreatineOverdose are based in the Netherlands and Austria respectively. In the complaint, Twitch claims that the two users continue to operate in the platform using a variety of aliases and avoid detection by “continually altering their self-described ‘hate raid code’”. 

It also claims that CruzzControl has confirmed using bots for the purpose of hate raids. The complaint also notes that CreatineOverdose “used their bot software to demonstrate how it could be used to spam Twitch channels with racial slurs, graphic descriptions of violence against minorities and claims that the hate raiders are the K K K.”

The complaint also describes the two users as part of a hate raiding community that has a history of spanning multiple platforms. 


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