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Love Wins as a Nigerian Princess marries the love of her life, a Ghanaian Prince

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Love always wins despite any obstacle. We are delighted to share this beautiful love story of a Nigerian lady and her Ghanaian lover. Despite the lighthearted sibling rivalry between Nigeria and Ghana, the two countries are unified and one of the things that unify them is marriage. This bride narrates her story.


Nurse miracle, shared her love story on her Instagram handle @miranmeri.

*We want you to marry a Nigerian…*

Nigeria & Ghana.
Two countries that don’t necessarily get along but at the same time, get along very well.
An example of a love-hate relationship.
Since I can remember, there’s been a silent feud.
A passive-aggressive sibling rivalry.
No one verbally mentions it outright but it’s there. Friction. Love Wins as a Nigerian Princess marries the love of her life, a Ghanaian Prince

As a millennial, especially as a millennial West African in diaspora, the bickering between Nigeria & Ghana was nothing more than just jollof rice & dance battles.
I knew it stemmed deeper, but I refused to carry that burden. Why would I? Maybe that was my ignorance, because I knew. I knew the painful & embarrassing history behind “Ghana must go”, the drama of the ongoing trade war, claims of Nigerians being mistreated in Ghana, Ghanaian s being mistreated in Nigeria—even the past attack on the Nigerian embassy.
I knew, but what countries don’t have issues?

Many of us millennials don’t really care too much for the subtle beef between Nigeria & Ghana.
Some don’t even realize it exists.
But regardless, it did play a role in my journey to marriage with Owura.

“No. We want you to marry a Nigerian.”
I was awakened by their abrupt decline.

Our families were opposed.
They all stated their reasons—all of it somewhat being the same.

Even when my parents (being from 2 different tribes in Nigeria) finally came around, their fear, though justified, was that Owura & I would have the same struggle that they had.
I understood it all—
But thankfully we serve a God that’s bigger than cultural differences, tension, & ignorance.
And thankfully, His will is always perfect.
And after both parties realized our relentlessness & our love, that was all they really needed.

By God’s Grace, I get to marry this sexy chocolate Ghana man.
Nigeria-Ghana tension or not.

We’re from two different countries.
Owura, from the mountains of Accra, Ghana.
Myself, from a small town in Benin City, Nigeria.
Both countries beautiful, rich, culture-filled, powerful.
Our families haven’t seen it done before, so we’ll gladly show them.Love Wins as a Nigerian Princess marries the love of her life, a Ghanaian Prince

Because a king & a queen, regardless of where they’re from, are still a king & a queen, right?



Ada Ugo
This 26 year old, is Art And All That Is Art. Writer, Film and stage actor, Mental Health Lay counselor and show host.

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