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Ohio Memorial Day Organizers Cut Veteran’s Mic Off, For Saying Freed Slaves were First to Commemorate the Holiday

The truth is the deadliest poison for white supremacists and they can go on any length to try and cover up the truth; which includes cutting off a veteran in the middle of his speech; for saying that freed slaves were the first to commemorate memorial day.

The Washington Post reports that 77-year-old retired Army Lt. Col. Barnard Kemter was delivering his speech at a Memorial Day ceremony; in a cemetery in Hudson, Ohio.  “This is Memorial Day,” Kemter began during his recorded speech. “It is the day we pay homage to all of those who served in the military and didn’t come home.”

He called the holiday “a day of solemn contemplation over the cost of our freedoms.” The speech was going well and massaging the egos and of white supremacists who felt the honorary speech was all about them. But they turned pink as soon as the dear old veteran went on to touch on aspects of black history.Ohio Memorial Day Organizers Cut Truth Saying Veteran's Mic Off, For Saying Freed Slaves were First to Commemorate the Holiday

Kemter’s Memorial Day Speech

As soon as Kemter started talking about a “remarkable discovery in a dusty Harvard archive” that he said revealed; based on “newspaper clippings and handwritten notes” found by researchers; that “Memorial Day was first commemorated by an organized group of Black freed slaves less than a month after the Confederacy surrendered.”

As Kemter continued talking about how Black people started the Memorial Day commemoration, fragile white supremacists who organized the event muted his mic.

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